Microsoft gives up on internet search to build a better AI brand

Two weeks ago at its Ignite event, Microsoft made something of a snoozy announcement: the company was rebranding its generative AI-based Bing Chat and calling it Copilot instead. Ho-hum. Another day, another change in the company’s branding strategy. Par for the course, right?. But the announcement was more consequential than you might think. It signaled Microsoft […]

Unused Gmail accounts head to the chopping block

It’s the last call to keep any Gmail accounts you haven’t used recently. Beginning December 1, Google will start deleting accounts that have been inactive for two years, including all associated photos, Drive documents, contacts, emails, and calendar entries. The tech giant first announced this change in their inactivity policy in May. Google confirmed to […]

8 advanced ways to manage reminders in Android

Ah, reminders. I’m not sure how I’d possibly function without ’em. (What were we talking about, again?) I rely on reminders for almost everything imaginable — making sure I respond to an important message, tackle a pressing task, and perform all sorts of embarrassingly mundane day-to-day chores that are both business-based and personal. (Putting on […]

4 words that speak volumes about Google’s future Pixel plans

Whew. Talk about a delicate balancing act. For seven years now, we’ve been watching Google walk a tightrope between being the keeper of the Android platform — on a software and ecosystem level — and being one of the companies competing for customers’ dollars when it comes to the hardware around that. It’s an awkward […]

4 advanced ‘smart chip’ tips for Google Docs and Sheets

In Google Docs and Sheets, you can add smart chips to your document or inside spreadsheet cells. These are interactive elements shaped like capsules; when you move the pointer over any of them, a card pops open with useful information on it. For example, you can insert a People smart chip that will pop open […]

4 advanced Gboard adjustments for faster Android typing

When you’re obsessed with efficiency, like I am, every extra second you shave off your routine absolutely adds up. And even if you aren’t a full-time productivity-seeking super-nerd, some simple adjustments to your mobile-tech setup can go a surprisingly long way. One of the best places to give yourself a time-saving boost is in your […]

15 little-known Google Assistant tricks for Android

Fancy new features are fan-frickin’-tastic. But let’s face it: We aren’t all carrying shiny new phones right now. And we don’t all have shiny new Android versions in front of our shiny faces this time of year. That doesn’t, however, mean we can’t enjoy the gift of useful new goodies on our favorite Googley gizmos. […]

The best Android apps for business in 2024

Trying to find the right app for any given area on Android is a lot like trying to order dinner at a restaurant with way too many options on the menu. How can you possibly find the right choice in such a crowded lineup? With the Google Play Store now boasting somewhere in the neighborhood […]

The top Google Pixel tips of 2023

More and more, there are Android tips — and then there are Pixel tips. Owning a Google Pixel phone has become a ticket of sorts to a uniquely top-tier type of Android experience. With Google’s pure vision for the way the operating system itself should work (and none of the experience-harming and often even privacy-compromising […]

How to securely erase your Android device in 3 simple steps

It’s an inevitable moment in the smartphone-owning cycle: the point at which a newer, shinier model comes along and your trusty old device is no longer needed. Maybe your company bought you a new Android phone. Maybe your old one was getting too slow. Or maybe you just love electronics and couldn’t resist the lure […]