Meetings are about to get weird

Apple Vision Pro just shipped. Reviewers say the technology inside is magnificent and unprecedented, but the experience of using it still flawed. But by the end of the year, some 400,000 units could well be operating in the wild. Apple’s new headset this year will be dismissed by many as too expensive, hot, heavy and […]

Give yourself a magnificent new Android multitasking shortcut

Has there ever been a feature as packed with potential and simultaneously easy to forget as Android’s screen-splitting system? On the surface, splitting your screen to see two apps together at the same time seems like a stunningly splendid feat. Two apps at once? Easy drag and drop between ’em? No awkward flipping back and […]

Google throws down the gauntlet with Gemini — its multimodal genAI engine

Google on Thursday announced it has reconstructed and renamed its Bard chatbot — now called Gemini — to offer enterprises and consumers the industry’s first multimodal generative AI (genAI) platform that no longer relies only on text to provide human-like responses. The release of Gemini represents a direct challenge to Microsoft’s Copilot, which is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and every other […]

Android’s Circle to Search is déjà vu all over again

Over the past several days, I’ve been exploring what might just be one of the most meaningful Android advancements in recent memory. It’s a shiny new feature that’s poised to change the very way we interact with our devices. It’s also one of those things you really have to experience to fully grasp — because […]

What a future without browser cookies looks like

Most online users have experienced it. You do an online search for healthcare purposes, travel information, or something to buy and soon you’re being bombarded with emails and targeted online ads for everything related to your search. That’s because browser cookies were tracking you as you performed your searches; they identified you and your activity. […]

Generative AI boosts cloud revenue for Microsoft, Google

Microsoft and Google, who saw cloud revenue slow in recent quarters, are reporting a resurgence of growth due to the proliferation of generative AI (genAI). Both companies on Tuesday reported revenue numbers for the final quarter of 2023. “Google Cloud has left behind years of quarterly losses and now accounts for 10% of Alphabet’s revenue, […]

3 Android camera shortcuts that make iPhones look amusingly antiquated

For most of us, referring to the rectangular gadget in our pocket as a “phone” is almost an artifact from the past. Sure, our modern mobile devices can make and take old-fashioned voice calls (at least in theory — I think?). But more often, we rely on ’em for keeping up with email, checking in […]

14 advanced Android 14 tips

Android 14 may not exactly be new at this point, but it’s a relatively recent rollout for lots of Android devices — and no matter how long you’ve had it on your phone or tablet, it’s probably still packing some out-of-the-way additions you’ve yet to encounter. So whether you’ve been living with Android 14 since […]

Google settles $1.7 billion lawsuit over AI chips patent infringement

Google has settled a $1.7 billion lawsuit over AI chips patent infringement filed by computer scientist Joseph Bates and his company Singular, the company said on Wednesday. The settlement, according to a Reuters report, was reached on the same day when lawyers from both parties were scheduled to make their closing arguments. While details of […]